Saturday, November 22, 2014

Selling Prints of Original Paintings

 I paint a lot.  I also try to make a living doing it.  I hold open studios in my studio, where I place signs out on the corner of my street letting people know that my studio is open.  While I don't have a ton of people rushing up my stairs to see my art, I do have a good percentage of people who do visit the studio buying my art.  I am always pleased to have someone new come up and look at my work, but when someone actually buys the work, well that's really something.  And when they come back year after year to buy something new for there collection, that's the highest compliment to the artist.  But for people who are not in the original painting market, I like to offer prints which are reasonably priced.  Here's a selection of prints that are currently for sale in my studio and online at and my website  There priced at 40. to 100.  

Red Roof

Hunting Dragonflies


Little Owl Firefly

Gypsy Fish

Meads Barn I

Peace Lotus

Seawall Acadia

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