Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gull Pond Dragonflies and Painting in the Rain

Gull Pond is located in Wellfleet on Beautiful Cape Cod in Massachusetts.
This painting was started outside on location, or plein air painted.

My daughter Carley and I were dropped off by my husband Thom and son Jordan.  We had our painting supplies and some water and that was about it.
The day was a little cloudy but perfect for painting.

We had the location to our selves, which is always nice.  No interference... But then it started raining.  And not just a little shower, I'm talking about a down pour.

We tried to protect our paintings as best we could by shoving them into our back packs.  We didn't have any rain gear, so we just gave into getting wet.  And it was actually really fun.

We were eventually picked up, hours later, wet but fine.

It's one of those times that will always stay with me.
So every time I look at this painting I remember feeling like a drenched rat having a good time.

Gull Pond Wellfleet is available as a print for 50. Original is still available, contact me for more info.

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