Friday, June 27, 2014

Wildlife &Wild Lands of Pennsylvania - How will Fracking affect our Beautiful State?

"Fairy Rocks - oil on panel - 24"x24"Lauren Litwa
Plein Air Painting
English Center, PA

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Standing on Fragile Ground - oil on linen- 31"x31" Lauren Litwa

Just how safe is fracking?
Will it hurt our rivers and streams?
What about our drinking water?
How will fracking affect future generations of wildlife?
If fracking is creating earth quakes in Oklahoma, what's it going to do to Pennsylvania
in the long run?

These paintings are created and influenced by what is happening right now in the Allegheny 
Mountains in Pennsylvania.
 English Center has been my second home since I was a little kid. I love the mountains, skies, fresh air and wildlife.
My art is subtly being influenced by fracking in Pennsylvania.
Is money more valuable than a healthy environment?
Can you buy new water, animals, people, land.
It can not be replaced.
When will we learn that the health of our fragile planet equals the health all?

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